Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Earn easy money through AW Surveys

If you want to earn easy money just by staying home, you may want to join A.W. Surveys. A.W. Surveys is the fastest growing survey company in the world. I hated scams that trick internet addicts like me to join their site but AW Surveys seemed legit to me. So far, I have $ 19 earnings but I still have to wait to reach the payout of $75. Having a paypal account is a real relief because this is one of their ways to send me my money. Ok, you really have to be very patient with this because sometimes they run out of surveys so the next best thing to do is, referrals.

click below if interested to join:

It is not hard to earn some kashing at AW Surveys. All you have to do is sign up, take some surveys which usually asks you to tell something about the website shown to you. You must make a general comment on them in 3 sentences, in English. Comments will be filtered, avoid redundancy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up live stream

This is the weirdest thing that is happening to me. I am addicted to so many things right now. Every single day, I can't seem to get myself off of the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up live streams. I watch the Uber, Uplate and Primetime show. Well, enough of my talking, I am sharing the live stream to everyone. (kindly press PLAY)

Watch live video from napslock on

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pet Society 1st birthday contest

I am so addicted with Playfish'es game Pet Society. They are having their 1st year anniversary contest entitled "1st Birthday If I had a million coins.." I decided to join and challenged myself in using the latest technology out there. Though it seemed, Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker are just the easiest tools out there for graphic designing and video editing, it was one heck of a time for me to understand each of its buttons functions but in a way, I had fun learning too. So, this is it, I am going to show every one my entry for the contest and I really do hope I will win although I know a whole bunch of kids out there, ages 8 to 14 years old, have better entries and far more great talent in making cute drawings and videos. So here it is ...

If JACKPOT Has 1 Million - More free videos are here

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